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    Connectors are also called connectors. Domestic also known as the connector and socket, generally refers to the electrical connector. It is a device connecting two active devices to transmit current or signal.

    Among all the electronic components that make up the whole system, the connector seems to be simple in structure and often ignored, but its failure probability is the highest.

    Three basic functions of connector

    1. Mechanical properties in terms of connection function, the insertion and extraction force is an important mechanical property; another important mechanical property is the mechanical life of the connector.

    2. Electrical performance the main electrical properties of the connector include contact resistance, insulation resistance and electrical strength.

    3. Environmental performance common environmental properties include temperature resistance, humidity resistance, salt spray resistance, vibration and impact.

    There are three kinds of common fatal faults of terminal blocks

    1. Poor contact

    2. Poor insulation

    3. Poor fixation

    The quality of gold coating is one of the important parameters to evaluate the quality of connector. The base material of the connector is copper alloy, the surface coating is gold and its alloy, and the nickel plating between the base copper and the surface gold coating.